A message from Eugene Halliday – as relevant now as it was in 1978:
You can see that in all the news every day, an ideological statement from two sides of the iron curtain. As long as people have this war within their mind, that war will move towards expressing itself in physical activity. Physical violence is merely the external expression of mental violence and every day you know enough people who go about cursing each other quietly in business and wishing each other no good in daily life – just mentally, but tighten up the situation a bit and mental becomes emotional and emotional becomes physically active.
Now, historically we are moving, not towards a repetition of an identical situation as manifestation, rest, manifestation, rest – we are moving towards a peak of self-realisation of self-responsibility, each individual totally self-responsible. And we are being pushed towards it by cosmic evolutionary power which we call God. We know we have got to face this situation. We are not going to stop the powers on earth that prefer physical violence to intelligent solutions. We are not going to stop miners beating policemen or policeman beating miners in picketing fights. They have got to stop it from the inside and until that is stopped in everyone there is a movement towards that Armageddon which no individual can stop outside himself. He can stop it inside but not outside. So, it is our duty to each one of us, as an individual, to solve the internal problem of the Armageddon in us as individuals.
We are in a very, very delicate position and today more than at any other time in history. The battles of the great heroes in India, in China, in Japan, in the Norse sagas – they are nothing compared to what we are threatened with today. We are threatened with a permanent blasting of the earth’s fruitfulness, the pollution of its rivers, its earth, everything, for thousands of years so that all life will perish except for the insects that have dug in deep enough beforehand.
Lecture, Eternity and Time, 1978, Ishval