Shibat Whardell

A member of Ishval & then EHA for over 50 years.

Videos of some of the talks he has given.

Quest for the Holy Grail


Talk by Shibat Whardell

A re-examination of the Holy Grail story in the Arthurian legend from Sir Thomas Mallory’s ‘le Morte d’Arthur’ and the deep significance and relevance of this transformational inner journey.

A Magical Life by Design


Talk by Shibat Whardell

Shibat reviews his life experience as a practising designer in the areas of architecture, interior design & exhibitions and reveals some of the ‘magical’ situations this has engendered.

The Birth of the Emale


Talk by Shibat Whardell

The birth of the internet age heralds the rebirth that is emerging in human consciousness. Part of this process involves a greater understanding of the dual polarisation of male/female……hence the Emale is born.