Margaret Littler

Margaret has been a staunch and active member of ISHVAL and the EHA for many years. She has worked assiduously on the conversion of Eugene Halliday’s many lectures into written format and has given talks on varied subjects such as The Gospel of Thomas, Jacob’s Ladder, Truth & The Child Within.



Talk by Margaret Littler

In this talk Margaret makes clear the difference between ‘respons-ability’ and ‘responsibility’ and its importance in our becoming a full human being.

Work in Progress


Talk by Margaret Littler

Margaret gives a talk to the Eugene Halliday Association on the necessary stages of Progress we all must make in our inner life journey.

The Child Within


Talk by Margaret Littler

Margaret talks about the hidden Child Within and the essential journey we all must take to rediscover and befriend our own lonely child.

The Gospel of Thomas – Part 1


Talk by Margaret Littler

The Gospel of Thomas, of which one complete ancient copy was discovered by Egyptian peasants in 1945, was written around AD 45 and is the earliest record of the life and words of Jesus Christ predating the synoptic gospels. Margaret Littler talks lovingly and knowledgeably about the known life of Thomas, one of the twelve disciples, who was particularly close to Jesus.

The Gospel of Thomas – Part 2


Talk by Margaret Littler

Through her examination of the Gospel of Thomas Margaret demonstrates the value of dedication to such study particularly using Eugene Halliday’s work as a reference point.