EHA Meetings 2019-20

Talks & Presentations by members and invited guests.

An Idiot’s Guide to Eugene Halliday


Talk by Hephzibah Yohannan

As the title suggests Hephzi introduces some of the key concepts of Eugene Halliday’s philosophy & work.



Reasons to be Cheerful


Talk by Alan Roberts

Alan reveals the steps we all need to ask ourselves to become uniquely CHEERFUL beings. What better?



King Edward VIII – An American Life


Talk by Ted Powell

Invited guest Ted discusses his new book revealing an interesting angle about the reasons for his abducation.





Talk by Margaret Littler

In this talk Margaret makes clear the difference between ‘respons-ability’ and ‘responsibility’ and its importance in our becoming a full human being.



Jewish Festivals


Talk by Sue Mosco

Sue gives a presentation on the workings of Jewish Festivals.

Another EHA informative talk on different religions and their practices.


Book Medley


Presentation by Members

A wonderful EHA meeting where members present their book/poem of choice which mysteriously interweave and relate.



Memories – Aids to Insight 2


Work on the examination of the imprints of the dynamic nature of stimulus/response records leads eventually to the conscious return to our true initiating Self.



EHA Presentations by Members


Short presentation by members at September EHA Meeting including review of Exhibition of the Art of Eugene Halliday and Kathe Schuftan at Tan-y-Garth Hall, Pontfadog, Llangollen LL20 7AS.