EHA – Guest Speakers

Talks/Activities by invited guests


Cosmic Sound


Talk by Guy Duckworth

Guy expounds on the deep meaning of ‘Cosmic Sound’ and its significance in many religions, mathematics & philosophy which are all ultimately bound in the pure sound of ‘cosmic silence’.


Are We Immortal?


Talk by Alan Rothwell

Talk by Alan Rothwell looking at the implications of examining our own mortality.


Bohmian Dialogue


Talk by Christian de Quincey


Christian de Quincey, American philosopher and author who teaches consciousness, spirituality and cosmology at universities and colleges in the USA and Europe speaks to the IHS and conducts a group experience on the ‘Bohmian Dialogue’.



God Loves the Hell out of Us


Talk by Ken Cholerton

A talk on historical Christian mystical experience. He reveals how our Maker always works to ‘the good’ which occasionally we tend to interpet as ‘hell.


King Edward VIII – An American Life


Talk by Ted Powell

An interesting talk on the life of Edward VIII with Wallis Simpson and his fascination with the American way of life.