EHA – Member Speakers

Occasional talks by Members





Noah and His Music


Talk by Anthony Duckworth

 Talk/Musical Demonstration by Anthony Duckworth



The Good Fight


Talk by Lynne Samuel-Perry

Lynne explores the ‘Good Fight’ refering to the work of Eugene Halliday and sacred text of the ‘Bahavid Gita. It is not an external war but an internal battle to overcome the contradictory forces within our being which is not easily won.


The Travail of the Artist


Talk by Joan Hoverstadt

A Talk by Joan Hoverstadt on the journey of the artist requiring dedication and commitment at all levels. Joan is an artist and potter who was a friend of Eugene Halliday and a teacher at the Manchester School of Art, now part of the Manchester Metropolitan University.



The Poetic Universe


Talk by Kathryn McDonnell

Kathryn explores the ways in which poetery can articulate universal truths and miraculous forms, drawing on the works of Eugene halliday, W B Yeats and Emily Dickinson. She also sharres her own insights into the poetic process.



Feeling in the Dark


Talk by Zero Mahlowe & Samuel Lelonek

Feeling in the Dark is a ‘now moment’ commentary by Zero & Samuel on what it is like ‘to be completely in the DARK’. It is a revelation of how, through developed feeling senses and dedicated work we can reveal ‘the inner light’ within.



Fear is the Key


Talk by Zero Mahlowe

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t recognise fear in their life – Zero elucidates the importance of using this misunderstood energy in order to become consciously free.