Typical EHA talk at St Lukes
EHA members at Trigonos weekend activity North Wales
EHA meeting at Bowdon Parish Centre

About Us

Our purpose is self-development: to centre and balance ourselves through the intelligent co-ordination of clear thought, sensitive feeling and action of good will; to work to develop our creative potential and that of our fellow beings.

The Eugene Halliday Association holds monthly meetings at St Luke’s Church in Bowdon Vale.
Talks, readings, book reviews and presentations are given by members and by invited guests.

As well as the EHA monthly meetings at St Luke’s Church in Bowdon Vale we hold Workshops, there and at other venues, which are led by members and, occasionally, invited guests.

For Sacred Drama see Trigonos.

There is a fortnightly Reading Group discussing Eugene Halliday’s books, and a Study Group which discusses important texts (the Thomas Gospel, the Red Letter Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, for example). Please Email for more information. For Qigong please follow this link.

A key aspect of the philosophy of EHA is the development of our talents — artistic, musical, philosophical, literary, scientific or any other. WORKS is the sharing of experience and knowledge gained through life, both by study and by application of what we have learned. These WORKS are the creative expression of our thought, imagination and experience and are POETICAL in the broadest sense.

Look at our YouTube channel to see our members & invited guests at work.

The painting below is by Joan Hoverstadt.

An Archive of our founder Eugene Halliday’s work can be found through the Links page on the Eugene Halliday website. This includes his written work and books, audio lectures and lecture transcripts. A short biography of Eugene Halliday and examples of his artwork can be found here.
Painting by Joan Hoverstadt

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