EHA Trigonos – Weekend Workshop

EHA Trigonos Weekend Workshops

Nantlle, Caernarfon

The real joy of the Workshops is the work we share there: the work we call Sacred Drama – a vehicle through which we explore our deeper selves, within the group, with a core of people who encourage and assist, with honesty & love. It became apparent during our first workshops that there is a real appetite and willingness for this type of process: each of us works to understand and know ourselves better, and to explore and develop our potential.

The workshops are residential with comfortable rooms, and full board is included in the cost. The food is wonderful! …. and we laugh a lot!

The Sacred Drama workshops are usually held twice a year, in March/April and October. There are occasional one-day workshops at other locations.

Due to Coronavirus we have been unable to hold the Workshops this year, but plan to resume in due course. Please contact us if you are interested in future workshops. 

If you are interested please contact us – note that you need to book well in advance to secure a booking.