Tan y Garth Hall is the home of the I.H.S., founded in c. 1969 in Liverpool by Eugene Halliday and Khen Ratcliffe. It moved to Tan y Garth in 1970 and became a charity. It is in danger of closure because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Here you can find their funding appeal.

Tan y Garth Hall is the first permanent Yoga centre in the UK. The I.H.S. is the sister organisation of Ishval, now Eugene Halliday Association – both founded by Eugene Halliday.

I.H.S. – International Hermeneutic Society
Ishval – Institute for the Study of Hierological Values, a charity; now the Eugene Halliday Association, a not-for-profit organisation

Both the I.H.S. and E.H.A are centres for the study of the work of Eugene Halliday.