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- the Eugene Halliday Association

Modern life today is fast moving and can seem over stimulating where media/data is being instantly presented and reinterpreted mostly by organisations & individuals whose interest is almost exclusively towards their own aims. Such, so far, is the ‘Age of Information’.

No surprise therefore that the phenomena of Covid 19 should suddenly present the world with life threatening changes the results of which offer us all NEW possibilities both rewarding but also threatening.

The ability to live in harmonious balance in such a challenging times requires us to do exactly what the age recommends – ‘In-Form’ ourselves. Not just by looking outwards to the external world but also looking inwards to our own true centre and consciously re-inform it.

This goal of living our lives in a ‘New Way’ is the essence of all the work & activities carried out at the EHA – the way advocated by Eugene Halliday drawing on religions and wisdom traditions both East and West, as well as philosophy, science and psychology.

NOW is the time to change……….to help heal the world, and OURSELVES.





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